Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hopes and Fears For 8th Grade

Some of my hopes are that I get good grades in the whole school year,that I have nice teachers,and that I don't have have a lot of homework over the whole nine weeks.Some of my fears are that I will have a lot of homework and never have any time to play baseball,and that I will have teachers that always yell because they are mad at one student but why take it out on another.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Blogging Challenge 5

Blogging Challenge
                        What could the secret be that is hidden in the forest?

1.A cabin
2.A town
3.A Hospital
4.A Lifeguard Station
5.A Pool
6.A Hotel

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blogging Challenge 4

Blogging Challenge
post about using images.

You can't use pictures from Google because it is considered illegal.Then you should go and look for websites that don't have the login or register then the images are free to get.The reason why you should use these sites is because some of the sites that have the login or register make you pay for the pictures.Some of the Sites that I used are Link 1,Link 2,and last Link 3.These are the links that I used I think that they will help you all get good pictures.These are sites that I had to get pictures from and they helped me get pictures for my assignment and it was fun learning new things.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging Challenge 3

Student Blogging Challenge

 I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock.

1.You could use it as a puppet
2.You could use it as a bag for items 
3.You could use it to dust off things
4.You could use it as a travel storage
5.You could use it to polish your shoes
6.You could use it to make a homeade hacky sack
7.You could use it to make a drink cozy
8.You could use it to make a coin purse
9.You could use it to keep a pet's paws warm
10.You could use it to make a sock jump rope